Once your property has been made market-ready, our agents will make sure that it’s accessible for all showings and that it can be seen by as many potential buyers as possible. We will coordinate all such showings with buyer agents and with buyers lacking agents. We’ll also host Broker Opens, so as to bring in as many potential buyer agents as possible, and to receive their feedback on the property.

We’ll make sure that the benefits and features of your property are published in a broad range of publications locally, and we’ll make sure that local brokers receive the information as well. We’ll help you establish the appropriate sale price, and present this to any brokers or agents representing potential buyers.

If necessary, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to obtain the most favorable sale price, and then draft the contracts necessary to conclude the transaction. Throughout this whole process, the experience of our real estate agents will help you to avoid any pitfalls, and will keep the transaction on track, to a successful conclusion.

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