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Old Town 

Old Town is the section of San Diego which was the area first settled back in 1820, and for the next 50 years it represented the entire town of San Diego. Obviously, a great deal has changed since then, but you can still get a flavor for the city’s rich history by visiting some of the living history presentations available in the area and by visiting Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.

That history is still a big part of the appeal of this community, and it’s one of the things that draws investors into considering opportunities in Old Town. As a premier property investment company San Diego, CA, Sunset Realty Investments can point out the most lucrative of these opportunities to our clients.

In order to really ferret out the very best business opportunities in real estate here, it takes all the marketplace knowledge of an experienced real estate agent who knows the area extremely well. When you’re looking for a real estate agent San Diego, CA, look no further than the highly skilled professionals at Sunset Realty Investors, who can advise you and guide you into making the best possible investments in real estate transactions. Here is what makes Old Town a great place to invest in.

Old Town appeals 

People who like shopping will love visiting Old Town, where the Old Town Market Place can be enjoyed by locals and visitors to the area. The marketplace is well known for its numerous boutique shops and the clothing and accessory stores, many of which reflect the strong Mexican cultural influences in the area.

Right in the midst of Old Town State Historic Park, you’ll find the Bazaar del Mundo, which is one of the best shopping and dining areas in all of San Diego. The name in English translates to ‘the marketplace of the world’, and that is an accurate description of the many international shops and award-winning restaurants found in this area. You’ll be able to purchase ethnic clothing, pottery, jewelry, household furnishings, and all kinds of other bargains.

People in Old Town are regularly entertained by live Mariachi performers, who are also present during any seasonal or special events which occur throughout the year. Anyone visiting this community should make a point of watching the Ballet Folklorico dancers, who perform during the Fiesta del Reyes, and on other occasions as well.

There are a number of annual events which are staged in the area that are always extremely popular and well attended, for instance the Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo, which is a three-day event. Here you’ll find non-stop live entertainment and music, lucha libre wrestling, and a number of vendors plying their wares.

You can enjoy a parade at the Historic Old Town Fourth of July Celebration, which re-creates the holiday as it would have been celebrated during the early days of the city. You may even want to compete in the cherry-spitting contest or the egg toss contest to win a prize. Needless to say, Old Town does not lack for entertainment, great ethnic restaurants, and a strong community spirit, all centered on its glorious past and it’s very promising future.

Old Town is probably the best part of the entire city with its old timey, authentic vibe. Transport yourself back in history and enjoy some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican food you will find in the city. There are always lines out the door at every restaurant every night, but the nightlife there is mainly found at restaurants with bars. Cost of living is extremely high as it is a very small area and in one of the best parts of the city, but the locals think its worth it!

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