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College Area 

As a premier real estate investment company San Diego, CA, Sunset Realty investments is well known throughout the area for having some of the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate agents in the entire region. 

If you’re an investor seeking to find profitable opportunities in the College Area of the city, our agents will definitely be able to point out some opportunities you might want to take advantage of.

There are a number of appeals that the College Area has for both local residents and for incoming investors or dwellers seeking to settle down. This is one of the nicest residential communities in all of San Diego, and it’s dominated by San Diego State University, from which the neighborhood derives its name.

A number of the neighborhoods which comprise the College Area were actually developed as far back as the 1930’s, while others only became established after World War II. 

The College Area itself is bounded on the west by Kensington and Talmadge, and its eastern boundary is the city of La Mesa. Within these boundaries are included a very busy shopping district on the well-known as El Cajon Boulevard, with additional shopping opportunities currently being developed near San Diego State University.

A few of the sub-neighborhoods included in this College Area are the Catoctin Area, East Fallsview Drive, Dennstedt Point, and an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood which is primarily situated on College Avenue. 

One of the other landmarks in this area is the Alvarado Hospital, which is a 306-bed acute care medical facility that treats all kinds of ailments and illnesses sustained by area residents. Here you will also find the College-Rolando Branch of the public library associated with San Diego.

Great system of public transportation

As you might expect from an area which must transport students all throughout the community, there is a terrific system of public transportation in the College Area. 

The San Diego Trolley provides mass transit to the San Diego State University Transit Center, as well as to the Alvarado Medical Center trolley station.

There are also a number of bus routes which provide transportation to both the hospital and the college, and all points in between. All these mass transit routes enable both locals and visitors to the area to explore the beautiful campus of San Diego State University, the Alvarado Hospital, and all the arts and cultural opportunities which are made available throughout the area.

A great area to invest in 

A real estate buyer agent San Diego, CA can help you find some outstanding investment opportunities in the College Area, where rental units are at a premium because of all the students who require housing in the region. 

This is a great area to invest in because it is home to a diverse mix of people who have lived here for many years, as well as the temporary students in attendance at the University. 

There is also an evolving commercial corridor which features a great many established businesses, as well as new enterprises now emerging, all of which cater to both local families and the huge number of students which abound in the area.

College Area is basically what it sounds like: college kids everywhere and an income property on every street to house them. Home to San Diego State University, the widely spread area houses mainly students on and off campus. 

In certain areas you will find families however, farther away from the area of El Cajon Boulevard that is. 

The massive spreads from lengths of the 8 East all the way until La Mesa, its neighbor, and has a decent cost of living due to the more youthful inhabitants. When people cannot afford to live at the beach, the next best is looking for an area around State; although it is still quite pricey compared to other cities in California.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.