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City Heights 

Any investor seeking a well-qualified real estate company San Diego, CA should look no further than Sunset Realty Investments, where our experienced and knowledgeable agents know virtually everything there is to know about the neighborhoods in the great city of San Diego. When you’re thinking of investing in any specific area, you need someone on your side who knows and understands all the subtleties of the local marketplace, and can represent you to the utmost, so you can increase your revenue stream and make those investments pay off.

Our real estate investment company San Diego, CA can find all the hidden gems sprinkled throughout the city, in such communities as City Heights, where even a section not known for being truly upper class can provide some great real estate investment opportunities. There’s no doubt that this neighborhood does not enjoy the esteemed reputation of some of the more refined communities in the metro area, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of good opportunities to make money on sound real estate investments in San Diego.

Parameters of the City Heights area

City Heights is one of the older neighborhoods in the greater San Diego area, and it covers approximately 5.6 mi.². Its western border is bounded by Highway 15 and on the eastern side, 60th Street basically marks the boundary with adjacent neighborhoods. Traveling north through City Heights, Orange Avenue marks the uppermost boundary of the community, and in the south, Highway 94 provides the community boundary.

In December of 2018, there were approximately 74,000 people living in the community, of which 73% were renters and the remaining 27% owned their homes. There are a number of smaller neighborhoods included in the City Heights section, for instance East San Diego, Orange Blossom Park, Fox Canyon, Swan Canyon, Azalea Hollywood Park, Oak Park, and Fairmount Village.

A community on the rise

Although the overall neighborhood is divided between City Heights East and City Heights West, there are actually 16 smaller sub-neighborhoods included within the general borders of the overall community. People who know the City Heights area describe it as one which has a very pronounced international flavor, with a number of different ethnic communities located within its borders.

Since it does not include a great number of high-end dwellings, investment properties in this area can be a real bargain, especially if you are patient and willing to wait to find just the right opportunity. At the present time, there’s something of a renaissance underway in City Heights, and the community is being revitalized by a number of civic-minded projects which have sprung up to improve living conditions and the enjoyment of all residents.

There are a great number of community resources available to residents, and that’s one of the reasons why so many people have gravitated to this area to take up residence. As an example, City Heights is very close to the freeway and has several different types of public transportation, which make it very easy to get around the community and to parts beyond. There are also a number of cultural opportunities available to the public, and there is a flourishing nightlife which is heavily patronized by residents, as well as people who live in neighboring communities.

City Heights has a rougher reputation in the city for its high crime rate and low cost of living. Even with this reputation many buyers still choose to own income property in the area. The region’s nightlife is lacking due to the crime rate but there are definitely a lot of places to eat as it has a massive restaurant selection. There are East and West sections of the town, but both resemble one another very closely as far as quality of safety and cost of living. Locals know this area well as one of the lower class areas to somewhat avoid, but there are people that choose to deal with the safety issue due to the lost costs in rent.

This is one of the older areas of San Diego with land that covers 5.6 sq. miles. The western border touches the 15 Highway and the eastern end of the 92105 zip code ends just a few streets past 60th street. If you travel by car to the north you will find yourself leaving the zip code as you cross Orange Avenue. 94 Highway demarks the southern boundary. At last count in 2018 the estimated population was 73,767 people. There are many neighborhoods to choose from including Teralta West and East, Orange Blossom Park, East San Diego, City Heights, Fairmount Village, Fox Canyon, Chollas Creek, Islenair, Swan Canyon, Chollas Creek, Azalea-Hollywood Park, Ridgeview Webster, Oak Park and Vista Colina. Renters to owner are 73% in the 92105 zip code.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.