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In recent times, a number of people have been flocking to the Clairemont community, where a great many single family homes have been made available, and where living conditions are very favorable for families with youngsters. If you’re an investor seeking good opportunities in single-family dwellings, this might be a good place to consider.

By working with a real estate agent San Diego, CA, you will be able to find all the best investment opportunities in Clairemont, so that you can maximize your profits and increase your revenue stream. At Sunset Realty investments, we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents in the entire metro area, and when they go to work on your behalf, you can count on finding all the best investment opportunities in this neighborhood.

A real estate buyer agent San Diego, CA can tell you that the Clairemont neighborhood is a perfect example of the prime dictum of real estate, which states that value is all about location, location, location. Centuries ago, the Kumeyaay Indians settled in this precise area because of its highly favorable location, adjacent to protective mesas and canyons, and right within view of the Pacific Ocean.

Those canyons still provide majestic natural beauty for both residents and visitors to gaze in wonder at, and when you have to get back to practical matters, you’ll realize that this is a family-friendly area that can offer a short commute to almost anywhere in the San Diego region.

Recreational opportunities 

There are number of recreational opportunities available in the Clairemont area, including Marian Bear Memorial Park which encompasses 467 acres in San Clemente Canyon. You’ll also find Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center, which includes 903 acres and a myriad of trails which are perfect for walking your pet or doing some afternoon bird-watching.

If you’re a golf lover, you can get in a round at the Tecolote Golf Course, which runs right through the same area and provides some terrific natural beauty for its background. There are of course, a number of beaches in the area which you can take advantage of for swimming, sunbathing, and paddle-boarding.

Great area schools

There are more than 20 public, private, and charter schools which are available in Clairemont, so that all families can be accommodated with regard to their educational preferences. You’ll also find the largest community college in the entire area here, which is San Diego Mesa College. There are also three significant branch libraries, the Balboa Branch, the North Clairemont Branch and the Clairemont branch, all of which offer crafts, story times, and sign language story readings. Residents also use 3D printers at these facilities, to give life to the imaginative creations they come up with.

Haven for shoppers

Everything a shopping fanatic could possibly want is included within the Clairemont community, with locals and visitors frequenting such places as the Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, Claremont Town Square Shopping Center, and a number of shops situated on Genesee Avenue and Balboa Avenue. If you want to hop over to other communities for additional shopping, the easy access to public transportation will ensure that you have no difficulty getting to any shopping area you have in mind.

The city of Clairemont mostly offers single family style income property opportunities at this point. Clairemont Square is quite famous in the community with the movie theatre and a few shops surrounding it. Just a few minutes from the beach, the rent seems to be increasing in the area as of late and all that you will see is construction and homes. It is considered a safe place to live though, so a lot of families seem to flock to the region.

Bay Ho is a residential community found within the 92117 Zipcode. Since its founding in 1954 this community has consistently grown over the years. This is a varied community, with homes representing a wide range of time periods and styles. In general, homes in Bay Ho homes sit on 68.75-acre lots with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Many homes feature additional parking perfect for RV or boat storage. bay ho features stunning ocean views with its many westward-facing homes. From gentle rolling mesas to its canyons with beautiful streams, you will find numerous diverse scenic views. This area offers many amenities as well as delicious restaurants such as ISA.BELLA Pizzeria, Blue Door Urban Winery, Sushi Fish Attack, Mister Falafel and many more! All of your grocery needs can be met at the local Costco located on Morena Blvd. You will also conveniently find a post office and DMV location just 2 miles away. One must see local attraction is the beautiful Stevenson Canyon. This location is excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding and jogging just to name a few. Home to the San Diego Audubon Society, Bay Ho’s community actively works to Respect and Conserve its wildlife and natural habitats.

Our tenants have much to do with the success of our business. we take their needs personally and gather valuable feedback that enables us to accommodate their needs. We are always available to hear your questions, comments and concerns.

The land area of the 92117 zip code is a large 8.8 sq. miles and includes Bay Ho, North Clairemont, and Clairemont. Population estimates in 2018 were at 55,270 with 41% of the population being renters. The number of houses and condos in 2018 was at a total of 21,766 and renter-occupied apartments were 8,601.  Interstate 5 goes along the west edge of the zip code boundary, Highway 805 borders it to the east, with Freeway 52 going along the northern edge. Areas of town within the 92117 zip code include Bay Ho, North Clairemont, and Clairemont.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.