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North Clairemont 

The best way to find the most outstanding investment to these in North Claremont, San Diego, is to engage the services of a very knowledgeable and experienced real estate agency San Diego, CA. At sunset Realty investments, our real estate specialists are well acquainted with the North Claremont neighborhood, and are always aware of any great investment opportunities which pop up. Will be glad to work with you to find whatever kind of investment you might be looking for, whether that be a single-family dwelling, a multifamily building, or apartment complex.

Investing in North Clairemont

When we represent you as a real estate buyer agent San Diego, CA, we can provide you with all the information that will help you make the most appropriate decision on investments in the area. For example, the median real estate price in North Clairemont is currently just under $700,000, which is a figure higher than 63% of all other California neighborhoods, and 91% higher than neighborhoods across the entire country.

The average rental price in North Clairemont is hovering around $2,800, and that puts it in the top 25% of all California neighborhoods. The most popular type of dwelling in the area consists of medium-sized dwellings to small dwellings, which are suitable as single-family homes and town homes. There were two major periods of construction in North Clairemont, those being between 1940 and 1969, and another spurt which occurred between 1970 and 1999.

There is a high demand for real estate in North Clairemont, and the vacancy rate throughout the area is only 6%, which means a great many renters are taking advantage of the available housing. Sunset Realty is the premier real estate company in San Diego.

Makeup of the community

There is a strong element of cultural diversity in North Clairemont, with no single ethnic group dominating the population. The most prevalent background in the area is German, but that only represents 14.3% of the population mix. Second to the German population would be those people of Mexican ancestry, who comprise 10.6% of the neighborhood, and right behind the Mexican population are the Irish at 9.9% of the overall mix.

Since the area has excellent transportation via roadways which have been recently paved, the majority of North Clairemont workers prefer to drive their own automobiles to work. More than 87% of all residents here drive their cars and have a short commute of between 15 and 30 minutes to get to their workplaces. From this it can be seen that this is an upscale neighborhood where most homeowners and renters own their vehicles, and are very mobile in terms of getting around the community and the state in general.

Recreational opportunities

North Clairemont is blessed with being very close to a number of fantastic recreational opportunities, among which are the Marian Bear Memorial Park and the Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. The latter of these has a full 903 acres of trails which can be used by hikers or people walking their dogs to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

There is also a golf course which is situated in the area, and this is very popular with local residents. The Marian Bear Memorial Park has 467 acres which are situated in the San Clemente Canyon, and it offers three miles of easy-to-moderate trails for hiking. For those who are more serious about hiking, there are also some very challenging routes provided by the area finger canyons and mesas.

North Clairemont, only a few minutes from central Clairemont, is mainly owner occupied houses with income properties scattered throughout. It is very close to UTC Mall; another overpopulated area with too many people and not enough room. The UTC mall is definitely one of the best in the city though and very spread out, although its parking is a nightmare so much so that it feels like Christmas all year round. Rent in this area is a bit higher as it mainly residential and very close to La Jolla, but it is a safe area to live in. There’s not much of a nightlife, but there are some great places to eat there.

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