Investment Property Bankers Hill

Minutes away from exciting Hillcrest nightlife, the name was originally given to the city due to its prosperous inhabitants, which still is the same today. As one of the eldest pieces of the San Diego city, Banker’s Hill is home to beautiful views, homes, and the always delicious, high-end Mr. A’s! Just steps from gorgeous and historic Balboa Park oozing with culture and class, Banker’s Hill is found at the top of the peak overlooking the bayfront views of Downtown San Diego Harbor. A very clean neighborhood with small shops and many trails to hike, Banker’s Hill is definitely considered one of San Diego’s gem regions.

Bankers Hill is one of San Diego’s many historic areas dating back to the 1890s. Named after it’s affluent and prosperous inhabitants the area is about 4.7 square miles with a population of roughly 35,000 and a high percent of renters at around 78%.

Banker’s Hill is home to many attractions such as the Marston House built in 1905, as well as many restaurants like the always delicious Mr. A’s. bankers hill is only a short walk from historical Balboa Park, home to many attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and Natural History Museum. Banker’s Hill was founded at the top of a peak overlooking the bay, with stunning views of the Downtown San Diego Harbor. Take a walk across a 375 foot canyon on the Spruce Street Footbridge built in 1912. Enjoy small shops, clean neighborhoods and plenty of hiking trails in one of San Diego’s gem regions.

The 92103 zip code has a total land area that equals 3.8 sq. miles. It has a boundary along the west side that touches the 5 Highway and also borders the canyons along the 8 Highway to the north. You travel as far south as Laurel to reach the perimeter of the zip code. Florida Street and a small portion of the northwest corner of Balboa Park enclose the eastern limits of the zip code. Estimated zip code population in 2018 was 34,358. The 92103 neighborhoods include Montecito Point, Paseo De Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Middletown, Cambridge Square, Park West, and Penn Station.

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