Investment Property Mission Valley

Mission Valley is a very fun area with a lot of places to eat, a huge mall with a movie theater, and a lot of visitors. Nearly the entire valley is a combination of owner-occupied and income property condos and townhomes. The area’s In N’ Out brings many swarming at all hours of the day and lines down the tiny parking lot spilling into other business areas, but it’s worth it, right? The most well-known piece of Mission Valley is the mall however with great selections, a lot of space, and a great theater. Nordstrom’s Rack alone must keep the scene alive. Rent in Mission Valley is average to high cost as it is considered a safer area to live and very close to Fashion Valley Mall.

San Diego property managers indicate that Mission Valley and Fashion Valley occupy the old San Diego River bed that has a land area of 4.3 sq. miles. The 92108 zip code starts on the 8 Hwy as the southern boundary and the northern boundary is ΒΌ mile north of Friars Rd. along a jagged cut line. The western end of River Walk Golf Course is the most west limit of the zip code, and Fairmount Blvd. is a straight vertical line to the east. As recent as 2018, within the perimeter of the zip code, there are 21,198 inhabitants which is an even mix of both new and old commercial properties, apartments and residential multi-family housing including condos/townhomes.