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Mission Valley 

The Mission Valley area of San Diego runs east-west, and through it the San Diego River flows on its journey toward the Pacific Ocean. This in itself provides for some beautiful natural scenery, but great scenery isn’t the only reason that Mission Valley appeals to residents, visitors, and to business people seeking to invest in the area. As a real estate buyer San Diego, CA, our Sunset Realty Investments firm is well aware of some of the other appeals that this highly-sought after region presents to investors, as well as people who choose to live in or visit the area.

Sunset Realty Investments can act on your behalf as a real estate agency San Diego, CA, so that you can be apprised of all the most lucrative investment opportunities which might arise in Mission Valley. The area is actually divided into two areas so that it can be administered more effectively, those being Mission Valley East and Mission Valley West. Together, these areas make up a terrific center for shopping and entertainment in the region, and there are also quite a few condominiums and apartment complexes here to attract investors.

Investing in Mission Valley

Out of the 89 neighborhoods comprising the greater San Diego Metro area, Mission Valley has been rated the seventh best neighborhood to live in. More than 60% of the population are single individuals, and of these approximately 65% have college educations. While there are a number of single-family homes which a been constructed in the area, recent construction has focused more on town homes, multi-family dwellings, and condominiums, all of which provide great opportunities for investment.

The median sale price for homes in the Mission Valley area is approximately $525,000, and this figure represents a 14% increase over last year’s median price. With no reason to anticipate an interruption in this upward trend, it would seem that investing in Mission Valley is well worth the time and effort of any serious entrepreneur.

Mission Valley amenities

Mission Valley features a prime location in the greater San Diego area, and it offers some of the best rated elementary schools in the entire region. Most high schools in the area also receive an above average rating from Great Schools, and the mission Valley Library is one of the largest in the entire Metro system.

There are a number of community-oriented activities happening in Mission Valley at any given time, and it has a great many opportunities for viewing public art in museums and on sidewalk displays. Residents of the area enjoy spending time in Civitas Park, which is a large urban-style park including dog-walking areas, an interactive water feature, basketball courts, a community garden, and an outdoor amphitheater.

This park is still being developed and improved, and will eventually be one of the largest in the city, but it already provides a great many opportunities for recreation and for interaction among city residents. Mission Valley is considered one of the best destinations in the area for shopping and entertainment, with three major shopping malls available to locals and visitors. The Fashion Valley Mall, the Hazard Center Mall, and Westfield Mission Valley Mall provide area shoppers with virtually everything they need, and ensure that local commerce remains thriving and profitable.

Mission Valley is a very fun area with a lot of places to eat, a huge mall with a movie theater, and a lot of visitors. Nearly the entire valley is a combination of owner-occupied and income property condos and townhomes. The area’s In N’ Out brings many swarming at all hours of the day and lines down the tiny parking lot spilling into other business areas, but it’s worth it, right? The most well-known piece of Mission Valley is the mall however with great selections, a lot of space, and a great theater. Nordstrom’s Rack alone must keep the scene alive. Rent in Mission Valley is average to high cost as it is considered a safer area to live and very close to Fashion Valley Mall.

San Diego property managers indicate that Mission Valley and Fashion Valley occupy the old San Diego River bed that has a land area of 4.3 sq. miles. The 92108 zip code starts on the 8 Hwy as the southern boundary and the northern boundary is ¼ mile north of Friars Rd. along a jagged cut line. The western end of River Walk Golf Course is the most west limit of the zip code, and Fairmount Blvd. is a straight vertical line to the east. As recent as 2018, within the perimeter of the zip code, there are 21,198 inhabitants which is an even mix of both new and old commercial properties, apartments and residential multi-family housing including condos/townhomes.

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