Investment Property North Park

North Park is definitely known for its “hipster” nightlife as one of the areas in the city housing the most breweries. With a younger population, investors have been entering the Real Estate market and purchasing for the income property profit. A bar between restaurants is basically the entire chain all the way down, so the food selection is pretty good too. Most locals hang out at The Office and Seven Grand is an old fashioned bar that transforms into a speakeasy in the back. The Observatory, located in the heart of it, is the most successful and well-known music venues in the city. The cost of living is average in the region as you can find some decent deals, but you will never find parking. That is for sure.

The 92104 zip code claims a total area of 3.8 sq. miles and the estimated zip code population in 2018 was about 46,444 within its borders and Includes North Par and Normal Heights. To the north, the established boundary is Meade Ave which runs parallel to the city. The southern border is considered to run from left to right along Grape Street and then zigzags south through Juniper Canyon. The western part of the zip code runs down Georgia Street and also occupies the northwest corner of Balboa Park and Morley Field. You have traveled to the eastern portion of the zip code when you find yourself at Hwy 15 or Cherokee Ave. You can visit North Park, Swift Park, Cabrillo Knoll, Altadena, Burlingame and Cherokee Point neighborhoods on foot or by bike.