Investment Property Ocean Beach

One of the greatest places in the city by far to own income property. Ocean Beach is home to hippies, surfers, and families. If you want to transport back to the sixties, Ocean Beach is the place to do it. An awesome beach with not that great of surf, most people travel to OB for its fun, local nightlife, and small eating joints. The magical breeze is definitely another factor that contributes to the uniqueness of Ocean Beach. Lately, rent has been rising in the area, even though the square footage is not seeming to accompany it; it’s definitely getting harder to afford OB as the years go by.

Ocean Beach, which has an estimated dense population of 29,712 in the year 2018, is the third most popular beach area in Central San Diego. Much smaller than La Jolla and Pacific Beach, the 92107 zip code includes a land area equal to 3.1 sq. miles. The Pacific Ocean is to the west. To the east, the ridgeline of Point Loma along Chatsworth Blvd is the eastern limit of the zip code. The southern limit is where Chatsworth Blvd. and Lomaland Dr. merge with the ocean at Young Parking Lot. You will leave Ocean Beach and enter southern Mission Beach if you cross the San Diego River which demarks the northern geographic boundary of the zip code. There are more renters than home occupiers in this area measuring at roughly 64%.