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Ocean Beach 

Any real estate entrepreneur who may be looking for advice on investing in single-family dwellings in Ocean Beach, or who needs a multi-family investment advisor San Diego, CA, should contact us at Sunset Realty Investments. Our knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals can guide you to finding and identifying all the best investment opportunities available in this highly desirable section of San Diego. This has historically been an area which has provided a high rate of return for investors, especially those who have been able to find the really great opportunities which exist here.

Boundaries of Ocean Beach 

You would be correct in thinking that Ocean Beach is situated directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, but you may not have known that it’s also located at the estuary of the San Diego River, and at the western end of Interstate 8. It’s also about 7 miles northwest of downtown San Diego, directly north of Point Loma and due south of both Mission Bay and Mission Beach.

The geographic area defined by Ocean Beach is relatively small, including only about one square mile, and it is bounded on the north by the San Diego River, and by the Pacific Ocean on the west. Its eastern border is defined by Froude Street, Seaside Street, and West Point Loma Boulevard, while its southern boundary is marked by Adair Street. As a veteran real estate company San Diego, CA, Sunset Real Estate Investments has a strong pulse on this community, and is always aware of any great investment opportunities which present themselves, and we are glad to make these known to our clients.

The Ocean Beach community

The fact that Ocean Beach hosts the World Surfing Championship should tell you a lot about the community and the lifestyle which is prevalent in this region. In the 1960’s, this area was considered to be the Haight-Ashbury of San Diego, due to its overwhelming presence of college students, sailors, and a great many middle-class families. While these those those days are long gone, there are still remnants of that period which can be seen in the pervasive nautical atmosphere, and in the number of independent businesses which have sprung up throughout the neighborhood.

There are loads of opportunities to interact with other community residents, starting with the weekly Farmers Market, as well as a number of huge festivals which are organized and celebrated all throughout the year. One of the most popular of these is the Ocean Beach Street Fair and Chili Cookoff, which has now been staged for four decades.

Area youngsters appreciate the Kite festival and Christmas parade, as well as the Canine Carnival. Older residents appreciate the Jazz Festival, the Oktoberfest celebration, and the annual Restaurant Walk, during which the best of area restaurant foods are sampled. When all is said and done, Ocean Beach is primarily characterized by its status as a paradise for outdoor lovers.

If you don’t happen to be a surfer, you can still spend time strolling along the gorgeous beach, either having a swim, doing some sunbathing, or having a picnic in your own special location. Children enjoy exploring the tidal pools which are revealed when the tide goes out, and a number of marine creatures become available for examination. Dog lovers really appreciate this area because Dog Beach is a specially-designated area for residents to take their canine friends and let them roam free in the surf. It’s no wonder that outdoor enthusiasts and sun worshipers flock to Ocean Beach to live, or just to enjoy a week or two in paradise.

One of the greatest places in the city by far to own income property. Ocean Beach is home to hippies, surfers, and families. If you want to transport back to the sixties, Ocean Beach is the place to do it. An awesome beach with not that great of surf, most people travel to OB for its fun, local nightlife, and small eating joints. The magical breeze is definitely another factor that contributes to the uniqueness of Ocean Beach. Lately, rent has been rising in the area, even though the square footage is not seeming to accompany it; it’s definitely getting harder to afford OB as the years go by.

Ocean Beach, which has an estimated dense population of 29,712 in the year 2018, is the third most popular beach area in Central San Diego. Much smaller than La Jolla and Pacific Beach, the 92107 zip code includes a land area equal to 3.1 sq. miles. The Pacific Ocean is to the west. To the east, the ridgeline of Point Loma along Chatsworth Blvd is the eastern limit of the zip code. The southern limit is where Chatsworth Blvd. and Lomaland Dr. merge with the ocean at Young Parking Lot. You will leave Ocean Beach and enter southern Mission Beach if you cross the San Diego River which demarks the northern geographic boundary of the zip code. There are more renters than home occupiers in this area measuring at roughly 64%.

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