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Bay Ho 

Bay Ho lacks some of the excitement of flashier neighborhoods which offer all kinds of nightlife and tourist attractions, but there are still some fantastic investment opportunities in the community. Sunset Realty is a real estate agency San Diego, CA which can help you uncover a number of hidden gems within the Bay Ho neighborhood, so you can take advantage of opportunities which most other agents are unaware of.

The community ranks in the top 25 best places to live in the San Diego area, primarily because it provides residents access to a number of amenities, and it also has an extremely low crime rate, which appeals to families settling in the area. There is lots of peace and quiet available in the community, since the population is right around 12,000, and that means it just doesn’t have the hordes of individuals that some other tightly-packed communities in the area do have.

Housing in Bay Ho

Bay Ho is a relatively new community, having been founded in 1954, and it features a number of mid-sized homes which carry a moderately high value. There are a number of older homes in the area which have been renovated over the years, and there are loads of apartments and condos sprinkled throughout the community as well.

At the end of 2018, the average list price for a single-family home in the Bay Ho area was approximately $830,000, and these residential areas of the community are mostly populated with professionals, singles, retirees, and a number of families with children. 

Buyers looking to relocate here will instantly discover that it’s a highly desirable area, and that it has a fairly competitive real estate market, which puts available dwellings at a premium. You would be well-advised to engage the services of a real estate buyer agent San Diego, CA, such as the professional specialists at Sunset Realty Investments.

Bay Ho commerce

There are both residential and commercial sectors in the Bay Ho community. For instance, on Moreno Boulevard, you’ll find a whole slew of businesses such as furniture shops, art shops, and the huge Costco retail store, which is frequented by a great many residents and visitors. You’ll also find the Bay Ho Liquor and Deli, which has been a landmark in the area for nearly 20 years now.

This is a family-owned business which provides a wonderful local market and deli to the community, and it’s a place where patrons always find whatever they need. Here you’ll also see a number of imported beers, delectable wines, and gourmet champagnes for any special occasion you might have in mind.

In the northern sector of the neighborhood, you’ll find a medical plaza and a residential area which sprawls out to the west, facing the Hillside neighborhood. There is also a large recreation center used by area residents which provides a number of sports and recreational activities for all those living nearby.

A number of arts and crafts classes are also available at this recreation center, so there’s something for almost everyone in the community to be involved in. When asked about what they love most about the Bay Ho community, residents most often respond with its superior medical facilities, its minimal traffic, its easy access to childcare, and the great number of dining options which can be found here.

Bay Ho is Bay Park’s cousin and very close to Clairemont and has many income property opportunities. Very little nightlife in the area and not too many places to eat, the rent is decently affordable in Bay Ho. Depending on the part you’re in, families are found mostly in the region due to its safety and housing population. Just a few minutes from the beach, the view is considered one of the hidden gems in the city. It may not have much a nightlife since it’s basically Bay Park, but you can find some pretty awesome people there.

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