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Point Loma 

Point Loma is one of those communities in the greater San Diego area which is situated directly on the seaside, and which provides awesome views of the Pacific Ocean. It consists of a very hilly peninsula which is bordered on the south and the west by the ocean itself, on the east by San Diego Bay and Old Town, and in the north by the San Diego River.

The San Diego Bay is actually separated from the Pacific Ocean by the Point Loma peninsula, which is home to approximately 48,000 people. The very first Europeans who set foot on California actually landed at Point Loma, and for that reason the peninsula is described as the stretch of land where California began. Included in the Point Loma community are strong residential and commercial areas, a university, a national monument, a national cemetery, and two huge military bases.

Investing in Point Loma 

The best way to invest in Point Loma, or any other local real estate market, is to engage the services of a real estate company in San Diego, CA, so that you can be aware of all the nuances of the neighborhood, as well as the prevailing trends which are operating in that area. At Sunset Realty Investments, our real estate professionals know the Point Loma community as well as they know their own homes, so they are fully capable of advising you on the most lucrative investment opportunities to be had there. By consulting with our real estate agency San Diego, CA, you’ll have all the in-depth knowledge needed to obtain an optimal return on your investment.

Why you should invest in Point Loma

There are a great many attractions and appeals in the Point Loma area, and these draw both locals and a number of visitors from other parts of the country to check out the area. At Cabrillo National Monument, you’ll be able to absorb a good dose of California history, while also taking in spectacular views of San Diego, the Pacific coastline, and San Diego Bay.

Point Loma Lighthouse has its own special history, and has a number of tidal pools nearby where marine creatures can be examined and learned about. People who enjoy fishing off the shoreline love to go to Osprey Point, which is also a great area for rock climbers to learn the ropes of their hobby. At Point Loma Marina, you’ll find a number of restaurants and shops which have all kinds of appeal, and you’ll be able to charter a boat for either sport fishing or whale watching.

The Arts District of Point Loma centers around Liberty Station, and offers a number of restaurants, shops, history, and opportunities for art appreciation, as well as a peaceful stroll along the Waterfront Park. When you’re ready for some waterfront entertainment, you can visit the Humphreys Concerts by the Bay venue where both music and dancing performances are staged throughout the year.

If you’re in the mood for a little exploration, you can rent some scuba diving equipment and pay a visit to the numerous kelp beds which are situated just offshore, and are available for interested water enthusiasts. Even better, you could charter a boat to take you to these well-known beds and then do scuba exploration at your leisure.

Point Loma is probably one of the most family-oriented parts of San Diego as it completely filled with houses and small apartments from land-to-sea. Each investment property is highly sought after by buyers both locally and from out of town.  You can find a decent apartment cost in the area, but housing is average to high cost since it is so close to the water. The safety of the region is relatively high, but they don’t have much of a nightlife. Most inhabitants will travel to Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, or Downtown to let loose, but the ocean breeze and beautiful homes make it an awesome place to live.

This is one of the smaller zip codes in San Diego. The 92106 zip code has a concise landmass of 5.6 sq. miles. The US census tracked the population in 2018 at roughly 19,134 individuals. The ridgeline at the top of Point Loma peninsula is the western boundary and primarily runs along Chatsworth Blvd., San Diego Bay and the canal that runs under Harbor Drive marks the eastern extent of the zip code. Silvergate Ave, Alma Way, and Warhead Rd. mark the southern street boundaries. Lytton Street and Sandcastle Lane can be considered the end of the neighborhoods which include Point Loma Nazarine, La Playa, Fisherman Point, Roseville-Fleet Ridge, Fisherman’s Landing, Liberty Station, San Diego Yacht Club, Shelter Island and Loma Portal. The 92106 zip code has fewer renters at 41%.

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