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Bay Park 

The first thing you should know about the Bay Park section of San Diego is that residents of the city recently ranked this neighborhood as the #1 Most Livable area in the entire city, and that says a lot about how great this area is to live in, to work in, and to raise a family in. When you have this kind of appeal to the masses, you can count on having all kinds of investment opportunities, because so many people are always looking to move in and become part of this highly desirable community.

Real estate in Bay Park

As a premier real estate investment company San Diego, CA, Sunset Realty Investments is frequently called upon to seek out and identify investment opportunities in the Bay Park area, for this very reason – it is deemed to be one of the very best places to live in the entire region. Overlooking gorgeous Mission Bay and offering a bird’s eye view of that Bay as well as the Pacific Ocean, Bay Park provides some of the most breath-taking views on the West Coast.

While practically everyone has seen Bay Park as they speed by it on the Interstate 5 Freeway, not many of those people know much about the neighborhood itself. Anyone who lives in Bay Park can tell you it’s one of the great treasures of the San Diego area, because it’s home to all the great amenities desired by city dwellers such as fabulous restaurants, great shopping venues, and virtually no crowds of people.

Getting around Bay Park

There is great transportation available in the area, with Amtrak trains wending their way through Bay Park several times a day, and a trolley stop where the San Diego Trolley also provides service, so that residents can make their way all around the greater San Diego area. In addition, all the coastal freeways pass right by Bay Park, so it’s extremely easy to hop on the freeway and get wherever you need to go in the area.

Most people really enjoy Bay Park’s Restaurant Row, which is spread out over Morena Boulevard and W. Morena Blvd. Here you’ll find a number of cocktail lounges, lively bars, and great entertainment opportunities for people of all ages. A great many more people are now coming into this area, rather than trying to battle the much larger crowds of nearby communities. Bay Park has many of the same great attractions that the more popular communities have, but it is probably still the least known of the four communities which overlook Mission Bay Park.

A place for families

Home buyers with families will appreciate the fact that there are a number of excellent schools in the Bay Park area, many of which instruct students in how to speak Spanish. Your real estate agent San Diego, CA can tell you that there are also a number of churches which maintain religious life and participation, and it has a number of businesses which are unique to the area.

For instance, you’ll find a huge fresh fish market in Bay Park, as well as an independent butcher shop which offers aged beef and a number of specialty food items. You’ll also find a unique vendor who sells fresh-cut flowers which come directly from the extensive fields of flowers in the immediate area around Bay Park.

Bay Park is one of the best family areas in the city, located right off the cusp of Clairmont and just before Pacific Beach. As a result, it is a great place to own an income property. Only a five minute drive to the beach, a few awesome local restaurants on an exclusive string of streets and some of nicest homes in the city, Bay Park really has it all. If you find yourself hungry in the area, check out the Bay Park Fish Co. with some of the freshest seafood in the city! There are apartments in this area of the city, but the family homes populate most of the residential region.

The 92110 zip code has an area of coverage of roughly 4.9 sq. miles. Bay Park, Central San Diego and Old Town are within the 92110 zip code borders with the 5 Highway to the west and goes as far east as Cowley Way and the Tecolote Golf Course. Clairemont Dr. is the northern portion on the map and 8 Highway marks the southern limit. The estimated zip code population in 2018 was 28,916. The 92110 zip code consists of the neighborhoods Morena, Tecolote Canyon, University of San Diego and Southern Bay Park. There is a fairly high percentage of renters in the downtown 92110 zip code. The percentage of rental units is 56%.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.