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The Kensington section of San Diego is another of those areas where it’s possible to discover some hidden gems for investment, if you know where to look. As a property investment company San Diego, CA, Sunset Realty Investments has a number of agents on staff who are well aware of the Kensington appeal, and are aware of any really good investment opportunities which come up. Anyone looking to invest in San Diego real estate would do well to consider the Kensington area as a possibility, because it has a great deal to offer.

Investing in Kensington

There are single-family dwellings available, as well as a number of multi-family buildings, and since Sunset Realty serves as a multi-family investment advisor San Diego, CA, we can identify where the best opportunities exist in Kensington. Visitors to the area as well as local residents are attracted by the charming five-block downtown district of the area, which is home to a number of trendy boutique shops, and at least a dozen restaurants.

The area also includes a gym, a deli, a bank, an ice cream parlor, a liquor store, and a number of salons. Kensington Commons has a grocery store, a dental office, and a UPS store, as well as 34 apartments which can house a number of individuals for varying lengths of time. Residents in the area don’t have to look far to find opportunities for entertainment and relaxation, because there is a city park which includes a playground for youngsters, as well as a library, a movie theater, and a nightclub.

This nightclub frequently offers live music to patrons and has regular stand-up comics who perform to the delight of both residents and area visitors. The entire district is extremely pedestrian-friendly, because outside traffic is somewhat limited, and that makes it very safe for residents and especially children, to stay safe anywhere in the area.

Close-knit community

One of the really distinctive features about the Kensington district is that a great many community events are staged at all times of the year, which serves to engage community members and bring them closer. Each year, neighborhood organizers arrange for a Memorial Day parade and a number of Fourth of July celebrations which include many of the residents.

There is usually a huge block party celebration and a street basketball tournament which marks the Fourth of July celebration. In addition to all these formal events, a number of the area residents plan their own get-togethers, and that serves to make community members feel closer to each other and more a part of the overall neighborhood.

This has fostered a condition in the Kensington area where most residents take considerable pride in their neighborhood, and have a keen interest in anything affecting their neighborhood. When annexation with San Diego was brought up in the 1950’s, a great many area residents became involved, until all their issues were satisfied.

When Kensington Commons was being constructed, residents lobbied so as to make sure that the construction of the venue was in sync with existing neighborhood styles. In fact, this caused the developer to scrap original designs for Kensington Commons, and adopt an approach which more closely synchronized with the Spanish-style of 100 years ago. The people of Kensington take great pride in their neighborhood, and consider it worth becoming involved with and standing up for.

Kensington has one of the most exciting nightlives in San Diego. Known for its LGBTQ+ friendly population, historical homes, and income properties. Kensington has a smorgasbord of fun bars, great restaurants, and some killer vintage shops. Rent in Kensington is decent compared to the most, but parking is not a great situation there as most that inhabit it only have street parking; doesn’t leave much room for people visiting! If you’re looking for some fun though, definitely check out the social scene in this awesome town.

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