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Golden Hill 

Investors looking for an undiscovered gem in a small, compact area might want to consider the Golden Hill section of San Diego. Any good real estate company San Diego, CA, could probably tell you that Golden Hill is home to some absolutely gorgeous views of downtown San Diego, while still having easy access to beachfront areas.

It’s a small enough area that it really only has two formal restaurants within its borders, those being Counterpoint and the Turf Supper Club, but you will also be able to enjoy one of the best burritos in the entire city at Humberto’s. Visitors line up at this Mexican style eatery all throughout the day and the evening to purchase the legendary burritos provided by this restaurant. You can also buy a great pizza at Luigi’s Pizzeria, which has made a name for itself by providing delicious and affordable pizzas all around the metro area.

Golden Hill composition

Sunset Realty investments is a real estate investment company San Diego, CA which can identify some of the most advantageous properties for investors to become involved with in the Golden Hill area. This medium-sized section of the city actually includes about 5.3 mi.², and it spans from Coronado Bridge in the west to its northern boundary of Logan Heights, and its southern boundary of Mount Hope.

At the eastern boundary of the area you’ll find Lincoln Park, and within the confines of this area, there are a number of residential dwellings and commercial establishments which service the neighborhood. As of 2018, the total population of Golden Hill amounted to some 59,000 people, and to house these individuals, there were approximately 14,000 houses and condos, and another 10,000 apartments. Of all residents in the Golden Hill area, approximately 73% rented their dwellings, with the other 27% being homeowners.

Golden Hill investor appeal

If you adhere to the dictum that location is everything, then this is the place to invest in around San Diego. From Golden Hill, you can easily see downtown San Diego in the distance, along with San Diego Bay, Coronado Bridge, and even Tijuana, Mexico. Golden Hill has easy access to the area freeways, but you can also easily walk to the downtown area and to Balboa Park.

Easy access to transportation is available in the form of Interstate 5, Interstate 15, and Highway 94, as well as the nearby freeways. This allows fully 25% of the entire community to have a commute time of less than 15 minutes, and the abundance of public transportation makes it easy to get virtually anywhere in the San Diego area.

Eclectic neighborhood

There is a tremendous number of different types of architecture in the Golden Hill area, with no single style dominating. The historic district of the area is home to a great many different styles all by itself, including Victorian, Mission style, California bungalow, Swiss chalet, Art Deco, and postmodern contemporary.

Here you will see an historic mansion standing side-by-side with a stucco apartment complex, and you’ll see an arts and crafts shop situated right next to a taco stand and a liquor store. There’s also a great deal of charm to this neighborhood, since many of the residents have cultivated attractive gardens to add more appeal to their homes.

Golden Hill is one of those places that you never knew existed until you randomly find it. Income properties with gorgeous views of downtown San Diego and hints of the beach appear in this very tiny, safe town. Only two restaurants really exist here, Turf Supper Club and Counterpoint, but you can find one of the best California burritos in the city at Humberto’s that always has a line out the door all hours of the day and night. If you’re looking for a slice of heaven, Golden Hill’s Luigi’s Pizzeria is known as one of the best in the city and is affordable to boot! Turf Supper Club’s tiny environment is also perfect if you can’t afford the Gaslamp Strip Club with delicious meat to cook on a communal grill and a fun, local bar. Some can find good deals in the region, but most are a bit pricier as it is just minutes away from Downtown.

Professional property management companies promote the medium-small size area of the zip code 92113 stretches about 5.3 sq. miles. Spanning from the Coronado Bridge & Bay in the west to the east end edges of Lincoln Park, Logan Heights in the north and Mt. Hope in the south. Four major highways, 5, 94, 805 and the 15 are inside the 92113 zip code. The population density in the area in 2018 was 58,717 people. The number of houses and condos equals 13,875 and renter-occupied apartments about 9,543. A large percentage of the residents were renters, about 73%. Areas of town include Grant Hill, Mt. Hope, Golden Hill, Logan Heights, Chollas View, and South Park.

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