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Birdland might just be one of the best-kept secrets of the entire San Diego area, partly because it’s quietly tucked away in a corner of Linda Vista, and partly because it simply doesn’t get a lot of attention in the media. Many local people are not even aware of the existence of Birdland, and might be surprised if you pointed out its boundaries to them.

However, historically income property owners in this area have made significant profits and have had the vast majority of their investments turn out very well. Many of these successful transactions have come about because of the direct involvement of Sunset Realty investments, a premier real estate agency San Diego, CA.

The area doesn’t have any outstanding statistics to recommend it, and it cannot really boast of a great number of activities or amenities to offer visitors, but local residents are generally very happy to be here. For one thing, Birdland is in close proximity to Mission Valley on the east, as well as Ocean Beach to the west, and both these areas are considered prime spots to visit for recreation and sight-seeing.

Because Birdland is surrounded by high-end neighborhoods like these, it benefits by having its own property values elevated as well, and that’s why investors generally fare well in their transactions here. If you’re really looking to make a tidy profit from a little-known investment opportunity, Birdland might be just what you’re looking for.

Makeup of Birdland

As of December 2018, this area was home to approximately 31,000 residents, of which 53% rented their dwellings, while the remainder were owners. There are something like 12,000 homes and condos included in the total area encompassed by Birdland, while there are approximately 6,000 apartments occupied by renters.

The area itself is bounded on the southwest side by Highway 805 and on the east side by Interstate 15. Within the general confines of Birdland, there are smaller neighborhoods which take in Linda Vista, Serra Mesa, Kearny Mesa, and the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport. Professional people take advantage of this proximity to the airport quite often.

History and amenities

The region acquired its name because most of the streets throughout the community are named for various bird species. A section of nearby Mission Hills also has many of its streets named for bird species, but it would be difficult to confuse Mission Hills with Birdland. Most of this community was developed in the late 1950’s, and that spilled over into the early 1960’s.

A significant portion of the housing which makes up this area consists of single-family homes, although there are also a number of very large apartment complexes which offer rentals to tenants. This community might be best known for the numerous medical facilities which are housed within its borders, including the Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, the Rady Children’s Hospital, the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego, and the Donald N. Sharp Memorial Hospital.

In terms of its educational opportunities, Birdland is served by the San Diego Unified School District, and there is a single school in the neighborhood which is known as Fletcher Elementary School. All the older children living in the community will either attend Montgomery Middle School, or they will be transported to Kearny High School in Linda Vista, which is close by.

In the area of Linda Vista, you’ll find Birdland quietly tucked away; so much so, that even locals don’t even know it exists. Owners of income property in Birdland have always done well. Most find their way to it due to its low cost as it’s 2% lower than the average San Diego cost of living. As far as crime, however, it’s not exactly the safest area and there’s not too much to do beyond grabbing a bit to eat. Luckily for the residents, they are just a skip away from both Fashion and Mission Valley areas to the East and Ocean Beach and Pacific to the West.

The land area of the 92123 zip code is about 8.2 sq. miles with a population in 2018 of about 30,635, with a total of 53% being renters. The total number of houses and condos within the 92123 zip code is about 11,969, while renter-occupied apartments run at an estimated 5,989. The 805 Highway runs down the southwest side of town and Interstate 15 runs to the east side of the boundary lines. Areas of town include Serra Mesa, Birdland, part of Kearny Mesa, Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport and a small part of Linda Vista.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.