Investment Property Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is one of San Diego’s highest visited tourist spots. Mostly renters in this area, there are many income properties found here, especially apartment buildings. Bunches of beach bars, locals and tourists wandering the streets at all hours of the day, and some awesome eating spots make it a good time. It’s the cheapest version of nightlife that we have which is most likely cutting Downtown’s prices in half or more, depending on how divey the bar is. Prices in the PB area range from average to high depending on how north you travel toward La Jolla. Living on the bar strip is fun for college kids, but most matured residents can be found in North PB. Most times an overpopulated beach, the surf is not that great in PB either.

Pacific Beach, Crown Point and Mission Beach are world-famous for surfers and beachgoers according to local property managers. The 92109 zip code is a medium-sized area that has 40% bodies of water and an estimated population of 21,198 all contained in a 4.3 sq. mile area as of the year 2018. The notable neighborhoods and areas are Crown Point, Fiesta Island, North and South Mission Beach, North Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, Ski Bay, Kate Sessions, and Sail Bay. To the west, the area ends at the Pacific Ocean and abuts the 5 Hwy to the east. The San Diego River is the southern limit and the 92109 zip code extends north Van Nuys, Cardeno Dr., and Calle Delicada Rd. Landlords predominately own most of the real estate and the proportion of renters to homeowners is 74%.