In real estate sales, the listing agent always represents the seller, and the first responsibility that the listing agent will have is to work with the seller to arrive at a competitive price for the property in question. Once that has been accomplished, the listing agent will do everything possible to bring in a great number of buyers and brokers to view and evaluate the property, so there is a better chance of making a sale to an interested party. When one or more parties do express interest, the listing agent will then guide the process through negotiations if necessary, so that a fair sale price can be agreed upon.

Whatever paperwork must be handled will be dealt with by the listing agent, so the seller need not become too closely involved with the transaction. If there are any obstacles which must be overcome, the listing agent will deal with these, and if it becomes necessary to bring in other qualified professionals, the agent will recommend and contact these professionals. In short, the listing agent is responsible for guiding the sale process from start to finish, so that the seller realizes the maximum profit, while not personally becoming involved to any great extent.

Experienced Real Estate Listing Agents

At Sunset Realty Investments, our experienced listing agents are extremely well qualified and experienced to carry out all these functions on behalf of sellers, and that means you can have total confidence in our agents’ abilities to bring a sale transaction to a successful conclusion. Having worked with properties in the San Diego area for many years, all of our listing agents are well aware of the neighborhoods which comprise the metro area, and they make a point of staying well informed about any potential opportunities. That’s why you shouldn’t go anywhere else when you’re looking for a top-notch real estate listing agent San Diego, CA.

What our listing agents can do for you

Right from the beginning, we’ll work with you to establish a fair and competitive sale price for your property, by generating comparative market analysis reports which show you where your property fits in compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Then we’ll help develop a marketing plan and a budget which can be used to support the entire sale process.

If necessary, our listing agent can recommend professionals and contractors who can prepare your property to make it market-ready. This will include advice about how to stage your property and to infuse it with maximum curb appeal, so that interested buyers will be attracted by its appearance. When the property is deemed to be completely market-ready, professional photographs can be taken and then distributed to listing websites, and incorporated into flyers for distribution throughout the area.

Now that your property is market-ready, our agents will schedule as many showings as possible for buyer agents and unrepresented buyers so that the greatest number of viewers can be accommodated. All the features and benefits of your property will be advertised and published in local publications, so that potential buyers become aware of them.

When offers start coming in, our listing agent will handle negotiations with the most qualified and interested buyers, so that you end up with the maximum sale price. Once a sale price has been agreed upon, our listing agent will then prepare any contracts which are necessary, and ensure that the entire transaction reaches a successful conclusion.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.

Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.