When you work with Sunset Realty, you will have far less stress, higher income, and a good deal more free time, because we can take care of all the property management tasks required on your property. That will give you a lot more opportunity to continue conducting business, or simply to enjoy more of those activities which appeal the most to you.

All the typical tasks associated with property management will be handled efficiently by our team, for instance semi-annual maintenance inspections to ensure that your property is being properly maintained. We will handle all rent collections and necessary maintenance to keep your investment property in tip-top shape. If there are any upgrades or improvements costing more than $200, will be sure to notify you when these are necessary.

If it becomes necessary to evict any tenant which was placed in your unit by our service, we will pay a substantial portion of the attorney fees and court costs required by the eviction process. In short, if there is any reason whatsoever for you to become unhappy with the property management services we provide, we will give you the opportunity to cancel those services with absolutely no fees or penalties.

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