If you’re an entrepreneur who has been investing for a while, and you have those first few transactions under your belt, you may be ready to consider investing in a multi-family dwelling, so that you can increase your revenue stream. As opposed to a single-family dwelling, multi-family dwellings have added appeal in that you can receive two or more rental fees every month from occupants, with very little increase in property management fees or maintenance costs.

Obviously, this can increase your profit on a property, and that’s why so many investors are attracted to multi-family dwellings. There are a great many multi-family dwellings sprinkled throughout the greater San Diego region, and at Sunset Realty Investments, our real estate specialists are aware of all of them.

If you’re seriously thinking about investing in a multi-family property, it would definitely be to your advantage to contact our firm, and work with some of the most experienced professionals in the business, as well as agents who are knowledgeable about the San Diego area. Quite often, the best deals to be made are not advertised anywhere, but are only known to professionals in the business who have a pulse on things happening within the city. This is why you should work with a multi-family investment advisor San Diego, CA, especially one who is as knowledgeable and experienced as our advisors at Sunset Realty.

Your investment profile

You might be a very experienced investor, or someone looking for that very first profitable investment, and in either case, we can help you achieve your objectives in real estate. You might be interested in a turnkey property, or something all away at the other end of the spectrum, like a fix-and-flip property. No matter what kind of property you might be interested in, our multi-family real estate advisor can help you identify the best opportunities in the San Diego area, so that you can maximize your profit on any given transaction.

We can help you crunch the numbers, so that you will be completely aware of the potential profits, and then you’ll know whether or not the deal makes financial sense for you. There’s no question that San Diego provides a number of fantastic real estate opportunities, especially for multi-family dwellings, and our advisors can help you to locate these opportunities and to move on them. Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve through real estate investment, you can count on our advisor to help you achieve your goals, and to increase your revenue stream.

Multifamily property management

We can also help you in the area of property management for your multi-family dwellings. For any apartment buildings having at least two units within them, you can expect to pay a fee between 5% and 6% for superior property management services. We will also be glad to place tenants in your multi-family dwelling for a one-time fee of $450 per tenant. If it should become necessary to evict any tenant placed in your unit by our service, we will pay a substantial portion of the cost to prosecute that eviction, so it doesn’t all fall on you.

We can guarantee timely property maintenance and repairs by skilled general contractors, as well as a 24-hour response time for any tenant inquiries or maintenance requests. We will be responsible for all rent collections and for semi-annual maintenance inspections. When 24-hour property management emergency services are necessary, we will deliver those promptly, so that all tenants will remain satisfied. In short, we will relieve you of virtually all property management tasks associated with maintaining and administering your multi-family dwelling.

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Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.

Instantly view all current available real estate properties for sale in San Diego.