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Investment Real Estate Agent in San Diego, CA 

If you’re looking for investment real estate for sale, the real estate company you should be working with in San Diego is Sunset Realty Investments. We have had years of experience in this region, and our primary focus is on buying, selling, and exchanging properties in the area around central San Diego. You won’t find a more knowledgeable or experienced property brokerage to collaborate with than ours, and we’ll help you find the best opportunities for maximizing property value, increasing your revenue stream, and building personal wealth.

Our Services 

One of our primary services is in identifying investment real estate which can be financially beneficial for our clients, and helping clients to follow through on transactions to acquire this real estate. You can expect our senior brokers to be involved in each of these transactions, providing the kind of expertise that will guide you through the entire process, to a successful conclusion. We make a point of staying aware of all the best properties in the San Diego area, so we can provide maximum value to our clients, regardless of the type of property being sought.

Our real estate brokerage is part of Sunset Property Management and Realty, and as such we can also provide property management services. If you’re strictly involved in the investment side of the industry, and don’t wish to actually manage your investment properties, we can arrange for efficient property management that will insulate you from that obligation. You’ll have all the benefits of expert property management without any personal involvement. We can also offer a price reduction for clients who make use of both our property management service and our realty brokerage service, so you’ll have the opportunity to realize a significant savings if you choose.

Another of our services is to offer expertise when a 1031 exchange in San Diego is being transacted. If you’re an investor who is considering the sale of one property and the purchase of another, you can realize a tremendous benefit by deferring the capital gains tax which would otherwise apply. Section 1031 of the IRS code allows for this option, when you sell one property and purchase a similar property within a certain time frame. We have presided over many of these exchanges in the past, and we can help you to obtain the savings on capital gains taxes as well. 

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At Sunset Realty Investments, we are always seeking out properties which offer high-quality and consistent income for our investors. If you’re an entrepreneur who is interested in opportunities in the greater San Diego area, we can certainly help you find what you’re looking for. We have a 40-year history of success in this area, and that history includes a strong track record of helping clients build wealth through smart real estate investments. Whatever your goals and objectives are in the arena of investment real estate, we can help you accomplish them and maximize your success. Call us today so we can arrange for an initial consultation, and so we can begin to work on your behalf, toward achieving your investment objectives.

Investment Real Estate for Sale 

The San Diego area is one of the best locations in the country to live and work, and the year-round great weather holds a strong attraction for people to settle in the area for the long term. These conditions also make the city one of the best areas in the country to invest in real estate, because there is a constant high demand for housing. You might not find information about the best investment real estate opportunities in the area yourself, but by having Sunset Realty Investments serve as your investment real estate agent, you’ll know about all of them.

We are a real estate company which has been involved in the San Diego real estate scene for decades, and we make a point of staying aware of all the best investment properties. Our company has also guided numerous clients through a 1031 exchange in San Diego, so if you’re looking to sell one property and invest in another, we can oversee the entire transaction to a successful conclusion, and save you some serious money on capital gains taxes.

The current market 

Many investors who come to us now are keenly interested in the state of the market in the San Diego region, in light of what has occurred during the pandemic. There is currently a strong demand for housing in the area, with an inadequate supply to fulfill that strong demand, and this has actually led to some bidding competition among investors. This is a time when you need expert real estate advice and guidance, so as to avoid over-paying for a property, and still have a chance to maximize your investment. Prices are rising, and that makes it even more important that you have a knowledgeable and experienced broker collaborating with you.

Knowing where to invest 

A big part of being a successful real estate brokerage in the San Diego area is knowing where to invest, and which types of properties bring the best return. Since we’ve been involved in the San Diego real estate scene for decades, we are constantly aware of all the best areas for investment. If you’re looking for long-term property appreciation, many beachfront properties would be advantageous, since these are constantly in demand. There are areas of the city which have a strong buildup of military personnel, so housing there is also in strong demand.

Given the fact that there are a number of biotech companies which have a strong presence in the city, there has been an influx of young professionals and their families into San Diego. A number of incoming residents are also seeking residence close to Los Angeles, so housing in those areas is also at a premium. When you know where to look, great investment opportunities are still available in this area, and Sunset Realty Investments can help you find them and follow through on them.

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Even while the pandemic is still playing out in this country, there are great real estate investments to be made, especially in the beautiful area around San Diego. If you’d like some help in finding these gems, contact us today, so we can go to work immediately in helping you find all the best investments, and accomplishing your real estate investment objectives.

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